web-designer – front-end-developer – digital artist

Creativity comes from the heart. Execution from the head.

Here are the things I do.


While there are many styles people go by when making a design for a website, a more simple but creative approach is my way to go. My goal is to make a design that has a balance of uniqueness and accessibility for every user.


I've been coding for as long as I have been designing. This means that my experience will provide you a code that'll look just like the given design, while also working as efficient as possible.

Digital art

I create both original works and fan works. In both aspects I excel in creating darker works to represent the negative and passionate emotions of humanity. Other than that, I also highly value the ability to be diverse in art styles.


A little about me.

Nickname Thacchi Birth date 12th October 1998 Location Belgium Hobbies Art analysis, walking, psychology

Hello! I'm widely known on the internet as Naseki, but many call me by my nickname Thacchi. I'm a web-designer and illustrator as both strongly interest me. Both cases have been completely self-taught and my curiosity helps me continue learning as I go.

Most of my inspirations come from music, my own dreams, exploring towns, cities, and nature, and the human mind.

Outside my work that I fulfill with passion and the aforementioned hobbies, I paint resin kits and PVC figurines. I aspire to try many forms of art so I can learn from them, and they may even be useful in the future. Other than art, I like learning how to develop applications and would love to do something with this later on as well.

I also love eating, as well as cooking, reading about science, and enjoying numerous forms of art and media.

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